Gratis Taschenspiegel ab 50 € Bestellwert.

Gratis Beauty Bag im Wert von 40 € ab 200 € Bestellwert.

Entdecken Sie elegante Colliers, bezaubernde Armbänder,
edlen Ohrschmuck und zarte Ringe – exklusiv in einer
Geschenkauswahl für Sie zusammengestellt.

Das Weihnachts-Special für Frauen,

die das Besondere lieben.

Eine zeitlos schöne Uhr elegant kombiniert mit dem passenden Armband und liebevoll verpackt in einer stilvollen Geschenk-Box: Entdecken Sie unsere exklusiv zusammengestellten Geschenk-Sets – Preisvorteil inklusive.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Swarovski®, COEUR DE LION is launching a special edition, in which the sparkling crystals are accentuated in an elegant GEOCUBE® version. The design features an impressive combination of rose gold and silver stainless steel as well as sparkling Swarovski® crystals in the most beautiful colours of autumn.


It's timeless

No must-haves, no faux pas, no ostentatious bling. Jewellery design from COEUR DE LION is not about fast fashion. It celebrates the beauty of
timeless form in all its glorious facets.


Your Style

Die neuen Kombinationen für Herbst und Winter sind da.


right from the start.
Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings by COEUR DE LION are handcrafted with loving attention to detail.
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The new Autumn/Winter 2020 collection with natural stones and precious stones
Fine aventurine, shimmering sodalite, glittering haematite, fine lepidolite, jet-black onyx – gemstones are being used more and more in the creations of COEUR DE LION. Natural stones not only help bring to life the new creations of the autumn/winter 2020 collection, but they also make each piece of jewellery unique and one of a kind. In combination with 316L stainless steel and sparkling Swarovski® crystals, they also become true masterpieces in contemporary jewellery design – handmade in Germany.
The new autumn/winter 2020 collection features two lines: BRILLIANTCOEUR and EXPRESSIVECOEUR. One is fine and delicate and the epitome of elegance; the other rich in fascinating contrasts and bold in colour. Both are united by precision in terms of form and design – the hallmark of COEUR DE LION’s timelessly beautiful jewellery design. Look forward to elegant necklaces, casual bracelets, stunning earrings and sophisticated rings, all handmade using the finest materials that nature has to offer – in our online shop now.
For the GERMAN BRAND AWARD in the LUXURY category
Having already won the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018 and the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2019, COEUR DE LION has won a prestigious prize for the third year in a row with the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2020. The fact that this award was presented in the luxury segment is not only a confirmation of our excellence, but also an incentive for us to continue our hard work.
However you like
Sometimes a little less is a whole lot more. Sometimes. There are days when all you need is a single necklace, a sophisticated ring or an elegant bracelet to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. And sometimes you need to add a bit more. In that case, how wonderful to have the perfect complement immediately to hand. That’s why COEUR DE LION jewellery is available in sets, which means that there is always a matching bracelet and earrings to go with your necklace. But it’s up to you whether you want the whole set. The price of the individual pieces is the same, whether you buy them separately or in a set.
The GEOCUBE® classic with gemstones
For the models of the GEOCUBE® line, we combine natural stones and precious stones, which have been crafted into cubes, with sparkling Swarovski® crystals and the finest 316L stainless steel. Elegant necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the trendy seasonal colours of autumn/winter 2020 are the stunning result.
High-Quality Designer Jewelry Online
Not everyone is used to looking at fashion jewellery online. That’s why our online shop allows you to examine each piece of jewellery closely – by magnifying it up to ten times. Just a handful of fashion jewellery retailers offer this service, which is only for manufacturers who have the utmost confidence in the quality of their designer jewellery. There’s another way to spot high-quality designer jewellery, and you have to look very closely for this one too. Just keep looking until you find the quality seal which features on every necklace and bracelet. Because this is your guarantee that our jewellery, which is handmade in Germany, has undergone rigorous quality checks – just as you would expect from a premium brand such as COEUR DE LION. By the way, every piece of jewellery you order from COEUR DE LION comes beautifully arranged on a piece of silk in a high-quality designer case with a certificate of authenticity.